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Bovine Pneumonia

Q: What is the cause of bovine pneumonia?
A: Bovine pneumonia is a multifactorial disease. Predisposing factors include stress and transport. Pathogens that are consistently isolated from affected cattle are Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida. Other pathogens that might be involved are Histophilus somni, respiratory viruses, chalmydiae and mycoplasmas. See Causes of bovine pneumonia.

Q: At what age are cattle susceptible to bovine pneumonia? Are all breeds susceptible?
A: All breeds and ages of cattle are susceptible. Bovine pneumonia is primarily seen in situations where large groups of cattle congregate from diverse origins. It is thus common in newly weaned calves entering feedlots. See Causes of bovine pneumonia and Pathogenesis of bovine pneumonia.

Q: How can bovine pneumonia outbreaks be prevented?

  • Stressors during transport and on entering feedlots should be limited.
  • Cattle can be vaccinated using vaccines.
  • Prompt anti-infective treatment of the early signs of bovine pneumonia will prevent mortality and carcass condemnation.

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